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St. James's Place

Investment Beliefs


Working with St. James’s Place, the Uk’s largest local wealth management business, we created a film to explain their Investment beliefs and approach to running their funds. They wanted to zoom in on their core beliefs to better communicate how they deliver long term, sustainable returns.

One of these beliefs reflects their Responsible Investing Initiative. Responsible investing is the consideration of environmental, social, and governance factors (ESG) and their impact on both risk and return.


We created an interview style film, capturing the words of Andrew Shaw (Director of Strategy & Communications). Displayed alongside the live action, we used engaging motion graphics animation to support the words and meaning. 

By planning the animation at the script and storyboarding stage, we were able to ensure that the SJP message is at the core of the video – helping to guide the viewer and provide a clear understanding of the key messages.

Vibrant, subtle animations complimented Andrews words, as the video delivers an informative, vital message to its viewers.