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Breast Cancer Awareness Film

Sharing the moving stories of women diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy


1 in 3000 women develop breast cancer during pregnancy. At this time, a woman’s body is changing rapidly, so detection is often difficult, and treatment choices are daunting. 

Our challenge was to produce a film raising awareness of breast cancer during pregnancy by sharing inspirational stories from mothers who have been through the heart-breaking journey. We ensured the end film was authentic and handled the filming process with sensitivity due to the delicate topic. 


We sat down and conducted an interview with four inspirational women who have experienced breast cancer during pregnancy. The filming location was in a hotel in London; this allowed the women to meet us and each other the night before and offered a relaxed environment to film the interview. We took a relaxed, unscripted approach to the interview, with minimal interviewer disruption, to allow the women to share their stories and create a conversational feel between them. 

We hope this film brings awareness to breast cancer during pregnancy and allows the inspirational women’s voices to be heard.