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South West Grid for Learning

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service

South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) is a charity campaigning for online safety for everyone. They are pushing online safety into the spotlight by providing training, influencing policies, and offering services and support. They are giving people the tools to ensure they are safe while using technology and the internet. 

SWGfL found that child-on-child sexual harassment in schools was becoming a common issue, and many teachers and parents were failing to report incidents as they were seen as normal. This shocking issue prompted SWGfL to launch a service called the Harmful Sexual Behaviours Support Service, which provides training for professionals and support for young people who have been affected by harmful sexual behaviour (HSB). 

SWGfL came to us to produce 2 videos explaining what HSB is and to promote their new service. The first video is a 2d animation that is featured on SWGfL’s landing page and YouTube Channel. The animation is clear and informative, using minimal backgrounds and several diverse characters to demonstrate what HSB is and how the service can help.

The second video is produced for use on social media. This 2d animation is more dynamic and brief, to ensure the information is easily digestible for quick scrolling social media users. Each scene is created so that it can be used separately across different social media channels. Please see the second animation below. 

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