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TV Advertising Campaign


TopCashback exists to save its members as much money as possible on their everyday spending.

The brand has grown from a niche site that internet savvy shoppers use to save money, to a well-used site (ranked 245th in UK, Similar Web, 28th June 2020).

They approached us to create a TV advertisement which would stand out from the crowd, grab audience attention and deliver on their objectives to provide a clear explanation of what they do.


We decided to use white space and bold colour to focus the audience attention on the household brand names that Topcashback partner with across the UK. The use of a familiar mobile device helps explain their rewards site platform and created opportunities for characterful animation within the brand UI.

Nationwide Coverage

We manage a full service for television advertising from inception and concept through to final delivery via clearcast to all the major uk tv networks including Sky, Channel4, ITV and others. This serves views to millions of customers nationwide. 


"The advert is doing well and feedback has been positive - the advert achieved our main goals of simply telling people what we do."