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Brand Story of a National Travel Group

Animated Story of Business Growth


We were asked to create a compelling story for a specific travel group client.

Aimed at SME’s in the travel industry, the animation needed to share the story of how the business grew from a fledgling startup to a successful national brand.

It was integral to demonstrate that the original ethos and values still remain at the heart of the company.


In collaboration with the client we pulled together anecdotes and threads of the founder story into a cohesive narrative. We researched real life locations in the UK while creating scenes to evoke a feeling of familiarity for our audience.

For more abstract messaging we wove in scenes that utilised the landscape in different ways while employing a hot air balloon motif. This meant we could keep viewers immersed and provide a different perspective.

Style Development

The art direction draws on a mix of influences from English landscape painting through to contemporary, low-poly illustration. We wanted to create a down to earth and honest aesthetic style with a nod to classic english landscapes and ‘holiday imagery’.

In order for the animation to resonate with the audience, it was important that the scenes feel quintessentially British. The change in lighting from dawn till dusk helped provide a sense of time passing over the course of a day.

Blending 2D & 3D

The team skillfully developed a style using both 2D and 3D animation techniques to provide real depth to the scenes.

To construct this animation, a variety of 2D and 3D techniques were implemented. Initial sketches and concept art was used to block scenes into 3D to get a general feel for how scenes would look. Environments were constructed using a combination of flat, illustrated planes set in 3D space and fully realised 3D models with painted textures applied to them.

Once the scenes were complete, 2D characters were animated over the top. Lighting, grading and effects then blended all of the different parts harmoniously.

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes animatics and 3D test to get a sneak peak of the processes involved.

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