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Union Hand-Roasted Coffee for British Airways

Explainer Animation for Cabin Crew

union hand-roasted coffee animation


Union has been selected to provide the highest quality of coffee to British Airways Business and First Class passengers. Our video is designed to show cabin crew how to make the perfect cup of union hand-roasted coffee at 35,000 feet. In order to be successful the animation needed to be easy to follow and appealing to watch.


We used bold type to clearly relay the instructions, making the video easy to follow each step of the way of making the perfect cup of coffee. We designed an animation centering around a pair of hands to display clearly which buttons to push, allowing the viewer to experience the video from a first-person perspective. We added dashes of coffee-related imagery such as cappuccino froth clouds to make the overall video more engaging.


"Thanks so much for your work on this – it’s brilliant!"