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Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Helping RPS put pharmacy at the forefront of healthcare

Founded in 1841 The Royal Pharmaceutical Society champions the profession, and are internationally renowned as publishers of medicines information. With in-house design and marketing teams our role is to create high quality social campaigns using animation.

Stand out Content

RPS have a vibrant colour palette following a recent brand update. Working with the branding agency to help define how animation could be best used. We came up with a striking typographical design that grabs the attention of the viewer and is complimented by character animation to help ensure that each asset has a human connection to a pharmacist. Our work focuses on driving membership retention and adoption.

"I thought you may want to see this!
The Queen has shared our animation on Twitter. That is amazing... super pleased with that!"

Highlighting the value proposition

One of the challenges for a membership organisation is ensuring that you segment your audience and communicate the benefits to that group of being a member. Our approach with RPS has seen the creation of tailored styles and messaging to all the key demographics; drawing to the surface the value that they will perceive to be the greatest. 


Our assets create the strongest engagement with their members, commentators and wider audiences. This leads to increased website traffic, membership growth and retention. We love working with the talented and passionate team at RPS helping to advocate for the pharmacy profession