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Strategic Content partner for the leading global provider of agricultural science and products

Syngenta provide products and solutions to help farmers achieve global food security for a growing population, sustainably. Our work with Syngenta focuses on helping their global businesses to clearly and consistently communicate their work with all stakeholders.

Social Media

Syngenta create the majority of their own content. We work with their in-house teams to identify key target posts each month that require additional creativity to help them stand out and engage their audiences. We work with a range of animation, imagery and film to define the best solution for each challenge. 

“The Like Minded provide us with sharp creative content that really stands out, works in all our global markets and relfects their deep understanding of our brands. They are always able to help us even with last minute requests and tight timelines.”

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Video Creation

We have worked with Syngenta to advise and support their on the ground teams to create their own filmed content. We then help to elevate the production values of that content so that it combines the authenticity of first person creation with the quality control standards required of a large organisation. This can be mean audio and visual cleanup, colour grading, motion graphics. Whatever is required to create the best output.

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As a leading science led organisation Syngenta generate a significant amount of valuable and interesting data. Our job is to articulate that data creatively and clearly so that its impact can be understood and valued.