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Childnet Internet Safety-Screen time

Interviewing children on internet safety


Childnet is a UK-based charity who empower children, young people, and those who support them in their online lives, and its mission is to work with others to make the internet a great and safe place for children and young people. 

The key requirement was to capture the opinions, thoughts and advice from young people to inform parents and carers about screen time and internet safety through the eyes of children. 


As the young people were not actors, capturing their authentic responses was crucial. We went to great lengths to ensure they felt comfortable and relaxed in the environment and with the cameras rolling. There is always a balance to not seeking perfection when filming with young children so on occassion if the answer they were providing was really good but there was background noise from the typical running of a school we decided it was better to keep the freshness of the original answer and accept the normal ambient school sounds. As the room provided was a dance studio we created a background set to make it feel less corporate and more in keeping with the subject matter.