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Cambridge Consultants & Catalog Technologies

Explainer Animation for DNA Data Storage


By 2025 the World will run out of data storage. Catalog Technologies and Cambridge Consultants have created a machine that can transform the speed and cost of storing data in synthetic DNA. This revolutionary technology promises to take the potential of DNA storage out of the laboratory and into the real world.

Our task was to create an animation that informed and inspired commentators around the world to highlight the groundbreaking innovation and to discuss the commercial potential of DNA data storage to new audiences.


The concept of DNA storage is not widely known or understood. Therefore, we needed to develop a visual language of metaphors to help explain how DNA data storage works and the scale of its potential.  The animation was also created without a voice-over to ensure a visual focus on the key messages. This approach was further enhanced by using flat backgrounds that reduced visual distraction and increased the feeling of a futuristic landscape. The futuristic landscape of adventure was contrasted with the use of domestic imagery such as: a closet and an egg timer to increase audience engagement in the subject matter.

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