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Energy UK - Be Alarmed

Spreading Knowledge about the Dangers of CO Poisoning


Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning is a silent killer often mistaken for a number of other issues, from hangovers to food poisoning to pregnancy. Not surprisingly this can make it a common issue among University students moving into new, possibly unsafe accommodation.

The Like Minded was tasked with spreading knowledge about the dangers of CO poisoning in a way that would engage students without sounded too dry or preachy.


Be Alarmed is a narrative-driven animation centered around a group of friends in university house. Each character helped to outline a different symptom and took the viewer through the steps of how to find out if they have a CO issue and what to do if they do. The story was woven with elements of humor and the illustration and animation style were designed to engage the viewer before they could realise it was educational!

We also created supporting assets including our own range of emojis and a series of informational GIFs.

High levels of engagement were registered among students who responded particularly well to the humour and graphical style of the piece. The variety of assets kept everything fresh.

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