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A Unique Brand Series of Software Explainer Animations


eviivo’s comprehensive software suite offers a powerful platform to help hoteliers and guesthouse owners run their establishments. We were tasked with creating a series of engaging software explainer animations highlighting the key features. The client also required language versions for specific European countries where the platform is used.


Working with the team at eviivo we developed a blended approach where illustrated brand mascot ‘Wooly the sheep’ helped guide users through visuals from the actual platform. We developed a characterful 2d aesthetic that aligned with their existing brand palette.

Chaptered Content

Specific videos were created to focus on the different areas of Eviivo’s platform. Rather than each being about a specific section of the UI, the covered user journeys through a certain topic such as ‘Booking Managment’ or ‘Rates & Promos’. This provided each video with a more natural flow.

Engaging Characters

Walkthrough explainers have a tendency to become quite dry when viewing for long periods. To avoid this, we balanced the UI sections of the video series with a peppering of lighthearted characterful animation.

These sections also helped to personify customers and hoteliers, providing a human (or sheep’s) response to the slick UI portions of the explainer animations.

software explainer animations
software explainer animations
software explainer animations

UI Interaction

Each UI was rebuilt from scratch to match the eviivo platform. This allowed the client to suggest subtle tweaks to screens, in order to focus the users’ gaze or reduce screen clutter that was irrelevant to video’s purpose.

With full control over the cursor, camera and the UI elements themselves, we could provide the viewer with the precise journey experience that eviivo intended.

Dynamic UI Builds

Another benefit of rebuilding each UI screen (as opposed to using screen capture for example), was the ability to animate engaging transitions. This not only generates a more interest to otherwise fairly flat sections of video, but also helps create a clear bridging point where the screen changes to a screen that is more than one click away.

The eviivo suite is implemented in a host of other countries. For this reason, it was essential that the software explainer animations be easily translatable into a selection of other languages. This was a much more efficient process due to the fact that we had recreated the entire set of UI screens. We were able to change each UI without having to recreate, maintaining a level of consistency across all of the animations created.

Brands that we created to populate the suite, as well as whimsical customer names, all tailored to make them relatable to each country. Should the client have desired, this could have been taken further, customising characters, buildings and landscapes for each demographic.