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'Feels Like Home' Christmas Campaign

TV and web advert for Alpha Boilers in collaboration with CIB


In partnership with brand communication experts CIB, we were tasked with crafting a heart-warming and emotive Christmas Advert for renowned boiler and heating specialists, Alpha Heating Innovation.

It was imperative to provide a human, relatable story that focused on brand awareness over product explanation. The goal was to promote Alpha as the premiere boiler brand in viewers minds.

We created a 30 and 60 second cut for TV and a 90 second cut for web. 


Collaborating with CIB, we crafted a narrative that pulls on the heartstrings and that many families can relate to.

Rich, layered scenes with detailed frame-by-frame and 2D motion ensure the advert is incredibly sharable and appealing to a wide ranging audience.

Colour was used as a key driver of emotion throughout. Muted, cold tones are filled with warm vibrant colour to signify key beats of the story.

CIB wrote and commissioned a bespoke audio track that poignantly underscores the narrative, adding weight and emotion to the film.


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Click the image above to watch the 90 second extended cut

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Click the image above to watch the 30 second refined cut

Character sheet of Dad from Alpha Christmas Advert
Character sheet of Daughter from Alpha Christmas Advert
Character sheet of family faces from Alpha Advert

Planning and Concept

We started with concept work to detail character poses, expressions and the various outfits the cast would wear to clearly denote the change in time from Christmas Eve to Christmas day.

To create a believable environment we designed a floor plan of the house. This allowed us to carefully consider camera positions to make sure the framing was perfect. Keeping key details such as the boiler in focus while allowing the daughter to be seen running up the stairs were only achievable with careful planning.

Next we turned the floor plan into a 3D model of the house to further crystallise these perspectives and were used as illustration guides.


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Floor Plan for the Alpha Christmas Advert House
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Concept shot from Alpha Christmas Advert
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family eating dinner


We are thrilled with the result! Your team have put a tremendous amount of effort turning our script into a masterpiece. From the moment we sat down I could tell that The Like Minded fully understood the vision and it shows in the final production. It was wonderful working with you.