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The Financial Conduct Authority

PPI Explainer Animated Series for the FCA


As part of a large communications campaign the FCA commissioned a series of animation explainers about PPI. Payment protection insurance (PPI) can cover loan, mortgage, credit card or other credit repayments if consumers are unable to meet them in certain situations, such as being made redundant or not being able to work because of an accident or illness.

An estimated £50 billion worth of PPI policies were sold before 2009, an unknown proportion of which were mis-sold. It developed into the biggest issue of financial mis-selling in recent years and has significantly damaged public trust in financial institutions. 

Distilling a complex set of issues into easily shared and useful videos was our primary challenge. We had to ensure we answered questions around PPI for consumers in a simple way.


The animation utilises the FCA colour palette to create a simple and engaging set of explainers that are now used across the FCA website landing pages.


The overall campaign is now live. The perceived open-ended nature of the current complaints-led approach to PPI contributes to a significant degree of consumer inertia, as it does not push or incentivise consumers to check if they had PPI, consider if they have any concerns, and/or progress their complaints promptly where dissatisfied.

With an overall deadline now in place for final complaints regarding PPI, we hope to ensure that any rebates due to consumers as a result of mis-selling are awarded swiftly.