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A Characterful Explainer Series


Our goal was to present the Freeformers value proposition to new clients while ensuring they understand how all the elements of the proposition work together. Enabling an individual to accurately convey this information to colleagues.

Our brief was to create a series of five explainer animations building on the branding and illustration styles developed by the business.


We created a series of 5 animations building on the existing brand and illustration work developed by Freeformers. The characters in the animation are deliberately simple to enable them to interact with and explain the digital world they occupy, without becoming a distraction from the key messages. The characters are brought to life with care and attention paid to their moments and mannerisms, allowing them to have a personality and engagement with the viewer.

In addition to the main animation series we also created subtitled versions, gifs and individual illustrations to ensure that the work will engage audiences across channels and have longevity.


"Thanks again for yours and the team’s hard work, words can’t express how happy everyone is!"