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MagLense Wireless Impact Charging

Animation Explaining the Technological Breakthrough of Wireless Impact Charging


MagLense – a breakthrough in body wireless power transfer, from the product design and development firm, Cambridge Consultants; is set to revolutionise the world of medical implants and consumer wearable devices.

The goal of the project was to inspire an audience of engineers and investors whilst explaining the technology behind MagLense.


The terminology and content was aimed at an audience with an already high level of experience in the sector. Therefore, the animation was less about appealing to the layman and more about presenting complex information in a visually stimulating capacity, whilst remaining clear and precise.

We allowed the voice-over to take the lead for the majority of the animation, with the dot motif creating relevant visuals. In some of the more in-depth, complicated sections, charts were employed for a further understanding of the technology involved.

MagLense Graph
MagLense Technology Animation


"We were delighted with The Like Minded and their ability to interpret a complex proposition, creating an informative and engaging video."