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The Story of the Mava Foundation



The Mava Foundation is one of the most important enablers in global conservation. Since their birth nearly 30 years ago their philanthropy and innovation has shaped and nurtured conservation as we understand it today. We were approached by Mava, following the recommendation of one of our clients, to create an animation of their story for the event to mark the closing of the foundation and to remain on their legacy website. It was an honour and we were determined to create something memorable and authentically Mava. 


To create anything of high quality we need to work with someone who is equally determined and passionate. Luckily for us Nathalie Cadot at the Mava Foundation was able to provide expert advice and guidance as we seeked to distil 30 years into 3 minutes. 

In order to faithfully recreate Luc Hoffmann and his son Andre we worked with archive photography. The overall approach was to create a sprawling natural canvas with a painted feel to the illustration. Wide inspiring shots were balanced with closer crops of people and nature to emphasise the importance of each person and place. Finally we produced a custom soundscape for the final animation which is available in English and French.