Guiding Users Through a Royal Day Out


The Royal Collection Trust


Brand & Information Design • Illustration • Animation

The Royal Collection Trust came to us with a simple challenge. Reduce the amount of customer confusion and subsequent complaints associated with their ‘Royal Day Out’ ticket offer. With the Royal Household and Palaces drawing crowds of 10,000’s of people per annum from across the globe, the existing communications around the ticket type were not clearly sign posting what the ticket type offered, where to be and when for visitors.

We collaborated with the the Royal Collection teams across marketing, customer service and front of house to unpick the existing problem.

In collaboration we developed a brief to create consistency across off and online channels for email communications, web landing pages and printed leaflets. We reworked their existing information design to clearly demonstrate what the ticket type offered, icon design to create a strong universal visual language and graphic design layouts across maps, icons and infographics to provide a clearer customer journey. We tested working designs to establish a positive impact for internal customer service teams and end customers alike. This iterative loop created a strong user centred design approach and solution.

Informed by existing data from the Royal Collection Trust we established hard metrics around customer service complaint volumes, types of complaint and seasonal issues. This allowed us to benchmark the existing solution with 700 complaints in a given period with new data demonstrating 7-10 complaints across the same period having implemented a new design solution. A 90% reduction in associated issues.

The positive impact of the communications work and outcomes continue to be measured. The customer service teams report far fewer realtime complaints on the ground as a result of a consistent & friendly user experience across multiple touch points both pre and post ticket sales.

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