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Salmon & Trout Conservation

Communications Campaign

Salmon & Trout Conservation is the UK’s voice for fish and water conservation. They are the only UK charity campaigning for wild fish and where they live. Their goal is for UK waters to continue to support abundant and sustainable populations of wild fish and all other water-dependent wildlife.


The development of a visual language for the charity created infographics that convey important information in a visually engaging and memorable way. The campaign for Salmon & Trout conservation aims to encourage a shift to a production systems where the salmon farming industry and wild fish can thrive together.

The content will be used to drive positive change, raising awareness of the issues surrounding the wild salmon and sea trout population, which is brought about by commercial salmon farming operations in Scotland. The campaign has already started to see parliamentary action to consider industry reform. This will ensure a sustainable water environment to support an abundance of fish and other wildlife – for this and future generations to enjoy.

Salmon, Trout, Infographics, Salmon Farming
Salmon, Trout, Infographics, Salmon Farming