SmartWater Global Crime Prevention


SmartWater Technology Ltd


Explaining the unique properties of SmartWater and its applications


There is increasing pressure for companies to be able to secure their supply chains from fraud and ensure they are compliant with ethical practise. SmartWater’s patented formula provides a new level of security to companies, stakeholders and consumers, but it’s complicated stuff.

Our task was to create an animation that informed potential customers of the product’s unique strengths and potential applications, in a clear and concise manner. The animation needed to be inspiring and educational to a broad audience.


We utilised a limited colour palette and clean, striking visuals. This ensured that the animation mirrored the authoritative tone of the content and that the key messages were easily understood.

The animation combined technical product information with broad market use applications. Fluid motion was implemented to emphasise the state of the art science powering SmartWater.


“The animation has been very well received. Thank you!”.

gif of barrel morphing into container
smartwater drip and splash gif
gif globe morph into log and then paper
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