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St Marylebone Parish Church

900th Anniversary Film

Challenge We were asked to create a short film telling the stories of 900 years of St Marylebone's history in a visually interesting, arresting and entertaining way. Enable people to understand that the story of the parish church and the area are interwoven. Highlight the gospel imperative of housing the homeless, feeding the poor, and looking after the sick. Signposting some of the areas most prominent characters such as Charles Dickens, Admiral Nelson and Florence Nightingale.


In order to ensure that the story and visual imagery was accurate we worked extensively with writers, researchers, architectural plans, paintings and reference imagery. 

Trying to condense 900 years into approximately 4 minutes was a substantial challenge but through the use of clever transitions and camera positioning we were able to move swiftly through time without leaving the viewer confused or disconnected from the overarching narrative. Our team of illustrators crafted a realistic world that was complemented by custom sound design to ensure that whether you are watching the video online or in the church you can be transported into the world of St Marylebone