Tick Tock Till Bedtime


Tin Man Communications & Indeed


Illustration • 2D Animation • PR film

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Tick Tock Till Bedtime strives to stimulate conversation between children and their parents about the world of work and the home-life balance. The campaign needed to engage with the target audiences in a way that was fun, thought-provoking and natural, so we created an animated bedtime storybook!

We created this animated book to support Tin Man Communications with a campaign for their client Indeed. According to research, almost a third of British parents work too late to tuck their kids into bed at least three nights a week.

Check out our ‘Making of’ video below


The well known children’s author Giles Paley-Phillips has written a children’s bedtime story which provides a natural space to spark conversation between parent and child. We worked with the author to produce a beautifully illustrated storybook. This then established the basis of our animation.

The animation is in the style and form of a picture book to mirror the experience of being led through the story with words and pictures. The illustration has a hand-printed feel, with soft edges to the background to achieve a dream-like effect.

We used exaggeration of characters and scenes within the animation to add humour, which was further enhanced with a custom soundscape.

The voice-over was provided by the award-winning actress Bhavnisha Parmar


I have been completely inundated with press calls but just wanted to pass on, from the team here at Tin Man and at Indeed, our thanks and gratitude for your quality of work, time at turning things around and creative consultancy on this.”


The Tick Tock Till Bedtime campaign has featured on; National TV, Radio and the press which has sparked debate and conversation around work life balance.

The Campaign has featured on National TV
The Campaign has sparked debate

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