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Energy UK

External Communications Film


Our client wanted to develop a series of informative films to be shared on their main website and across communication channels. Energy UK filming needed to work within the constraints of a head to camera approach whilst being engaging and on brand.


To add vibrancy to the films we utilised a combination of backgrounds suitable to the subject matter and tone of each film. The use of a white screen for the Future of the Energy Industry created a modern and fresh canvas which we enhanced with bright text call outs and graphics to add a dynamic feel. This approach also enhanced the videos impact on mute play across social channels.

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Graphic overlays give visual understanding and context to what is being said, as the video is at a faster pace this also allows the viewer to absorb information faster. Bold wording alongside visual queues bring more excitement to the video.

Colour Gading

When filming we gather as much information in the image as possible, this means we film using ungraded footage. This raw footage is then taken into post production and colour graded to the desired effect. Energy UK has a strong colour pallet so the contrast between filming and post production is significant.

Energy UK Filming


With Energy UK we had 6 head to camera shoots; 3 sitting and 3 standing. On the right is an example of framing a shot when the person is looking down the lens.

We centre the person in the shot with a little head room above and below. For Energy UK this is a more relaxed approach by enhancing the impression of space; as opposed to a close crop which can have more of an impact for a hard hitting messages.

Energy UK Filming