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Go Compare

Undercover Arts & Go Compare approached us to help create and deliver a social campaign for their ‘Beat the Bills’ idea. The timelines were tight and the quick turnaround meant focusing our creatives to deliver a high quality campaign.


After initial ideation and visualisation of early concepts we agreed to an approach using the ‘Beat the Bills’ working title. Working with research from Go Compare (which looked at categorising spenders into types such as ‘Boss’ ‘Brightside’ ‘Chilll’ and ‘Bargain’) we identified animals to represent each category of spender. Working with the Undercover team and the Go Compare brand guidelines we combined a mixed montage of photography with subtle animation to bring the campaign messaging and quiz mechanic to life.

Immersive soundscape

The measurable campaign elements including the landing page visits, meme shares and Woobox quiz mechanic proved a success and resonated with their target audience well. From a standing start the campaign engaged with an audience of 21,000 people through social media. The campaign further highlights Go Compare as a business committed to being a clear and unbiased price comparison website in the marketplace.