Simplifying Mathematical Optimisation


Smith Institute


2D & 3D Animation – Social Content – Internal Comms Design – Presentation Assets

Campaign Creative

The Smith Institute wanted us to help convey their complex offering across one of their key capabilities – Mathematical Optimisation. This allows business leaders to make critical decisions with confidence in the face of uncertainty.

Whether it’s rail scheduling or balancing supply and demand in the enery sector, mathematical techniques are key to solving business problems.

The target audience for the campaign are C-suite level employees, like business leaders, with influence over business strategy, data scientists and those in R&D teams across a business.

Mathematical optimisation
smith institute skyline image
Mathematical optimisation

Brand Narrative & Animation

Working with the client we tailored the design of the graphics to further enhance their brand and developed a narrative that brings the topic of Mathematical Optimisation to life. We used real world landscapes, near future mass market technologies combined with a more abstract way of talking about data in the specific optimisation process. We wanted to bring a contemporary style to the animation in order to build on the brand proposition.

Creative Approach

Working with both 2D & 3D animation techniques we created a unique visual style and language for the Smith Institute. We used the camera to create a distinct vantage point for the user and built 3d environments to support the messaging in a memorable way.

Campaign Assets

Having set a featured concept and style we created further short form social assets and graphics for use on social networks. We also created powerpoint visuals for use in presentations across the business and a poster to be displayed in their offices.

We approached the Like Minded after viewing their portfolio of stunningly creative visuals to bring to life and explain a tricky concept in an engaging and marketable way. From initial concept to the final product, the whole project was a joy to collaborate on with the LM team taking the time to truly understand our needs and goals for our customers while bringing our brand to life. We’re very happy with the motion graphic video and assets they have created for us and look forward to the next projects!

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