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Campaign Overview

Working with our long standing client Syngenta we co-created the concept of the Agcelerators. People are at the heart of innovation and we wanted an approach that focussed on the stories of individuals and the impact they can make, in part as an antidote to a surplus of product and service communications in the sector.

We have helped to create a global campaign to showcase the agricultural pioneers shaping a sustainable future, fostering resilience, and helping nourish people, and the planet. ​

We designed the branding and have created the first of several phases of film and digital content in 2023. 

In addition to creative content we have also produced a suite of template assets that can be localised in each region. Including PowerPoint templates, posters, digital banners and video templates

Meet the Agcelerators

South Africa

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Conce – Mpumalanga

Her father came from the villages of Limpopo, in a very rural, lively home where they grew their own maize and took care of their own livestock and reared cattle. Growing up this sparked Conce passion to help support farmers to be successful.


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Carmo – Lisbon area

Her agronomy roots started early, even before she was born. Her mother’s family have a strong history of being growers from her grandparents side,

Carmo is a Biocontrols portfolio lead, visiting growers in the field to check the impact of sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions. 


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Alejandro – Madrid

Growing up in a family of farmers in Argentina he used to spend summers planting or harvesting corn and wheat or caring for cattle. 

Spain has become very important in the world of Ag Tech and it makes it a really exciting place to work. I can be at the heart of innovation, supporting growers.


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Sebastian – Near Cologne

Sebastian is a sustainability project manager in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Working on a project called Living Grow, a global initiative that studies soil health and biodiversity


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Felistars – Nakura National Park

Felistars grew up in a small town in Kitale, in the western part of Kenya. Her parents planted maize and vegetable in a small farm and she helped her mother to harvest the vegetables from the kitchen garden. She works as a business and digital development lead,  bringing innovations to life that support farmers to increase yield

United Kingdom

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Sam – Lincolnshire

Sam grew up in a family of farmers and has harnessed his love of agronomy with a passion to technology and innovation. As a Digital Ag lead he is responsible for helping farmers to transition to new more sustainable approaches that also help to improve their yields. 

Branding & Design