Drive Engagement With Education Animations

  • Visualise your research

  • Recruitment – Stand out for prospective new students

  • Student Engagement – Create engaging social & community channels for students

  • Online Learning – Animation, gifs & games to increase course engagement

  • Content/Publishing – Support apps, digital publishing with animation, film & gifs

This animation for South West College uses a vivid colour palette to create a rich and engaging piece of marketing. The sound design is important in assisting the flow of the story, starting minimal and melancholy and ramping up to a more upbeat finish. Speaking to Chris directly, we were able to weave details from his life into the piece to make it feel natural, grounded and relatable. The combination of film and animation creates a strong memorable piece of content. Find out more on South West College Case Study 

Education Animations

We create educational content to entertain, inform & engage your audience.

Working with schools, colleges and higher education we use moving image content to engage with their stakeholders. We create education animations, film and infographics for some of the world’s most respected colleges and universities and deliver engaging content for e-learning platforms too.

Whether we’re working with Cambridge University Press to help them demonstrate their commitment to higher education or the University of Chichester to create high value visual content to engage prospective students we’re here to create unique campaign content tailor made to your needs.

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